What is BAL? Flame Retardant Ember Seal Requirements Explained

In response to an increase in the frequency and intensity of bushfires throughout the country, Standards Australia revised AS3959:2018, which provides clear guidance on the construction requirements for all new buildings in bushfire prone areas. This Standard aims to improve resistance to bushfire attacks from burning embers, radiant heat, flame contact and combinations of these. Gliderol’s range of flame retardant door seals have been specifically developed in Australia to help protect homes within bushfire prone areas against these elements. Gliderol’s seals are made from a PA6 Nylon flame retardant material which self-extinguishes when ember contact is made. [...]

Selecting Your Door Finish – Smooth vs Woodgrain Finish

Each Gliderol Sectional Door is available in ‘Smooth’ or ‘Woodgrain’ finish and your Gliderol representative will be able to assist you with selecting the right finish to compliment your home. A Woodgrain finish refers to an embossment process that can be applied to your door to provide texture and depth. This finish is recommended for solid/block colours as the Woodgrain effect assists in deflecting sunlight, reducing the appearance of any future blemishes which may potentially occur over time - for example scratches or dents caused by car tyres kicking up stones. Whilst this finish can appear prominent [...]

Enhancing Safety with Photocell Technology: The Importance of Twin PE Beams on a Garage Door

In the realm of modern garage door safety, photocell technology, often referred to as Photocell Electric (PE) beams, has emerged as a vital component in safeguarding people and possessions. The inclusion of twin PE beams in the design of a garage door, like the Danmar Garage Door, significantly enhances the security aspect, especially when it comes to the protection of children or vehicles within the opening.  Photocell technology operates on the principle of infrared light transmission between two separate components, typically placed on opposite sides of the garage door opening. One component emits an infrared beam, while the [...]

Useful Roller Door Tips – Replacing Your Roller Door Weatherseal

Roller doors are a cost-effective access solution used on countless homes throughout the country. Made from durable Colorbond® steel, they are built to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions and provide secure and reliable access for many years to come. This month, we’d like to share a helpful tip on how to extend the life of your existing roller door by taking a quick look a little-known but very integral roller door component – weather seal. The weather seal runs along the bottom of your roller door and helps to cushion the weight of the door when hitting the ground, [...]