Each Gliderol Sectional Door is available in ‘Smooth’ or ‘Woodgrain’ finish and your Gliderol representative will be able to assist you with selecting the right finish to compliment your home.

A Woodgrain finish refers to an embossment process that can be applied to your door to provide texture and depth. This finish is recommended for solid/block colours as the Woodgrain effect assists in deflecting sunlight, reducing the appearance of any future blemishes which may potentially occur over time – for example scratches or dents caused by car tyres kicking up stones.

Whilst this finish can appear prominent when looking at a small swatch or sample, when applied to a large surface like a garage door the appearance is subtle and enhances the overall look of your door.

Chat to a member of our team about which finish is right for your new Gliderol Sectional Door.