In the realm of modern garage door safety, photocell technology, often referred to as Photocell Electric (PE) beams, has emerged as a vital component in safeguarding people and possessions. The inclusion of twin PE beams in the design of a garage door, like the Danmar Garage Door, significantly enhances the security aspect, especially when it comes to the protection of children or vehicles within the opening. 

Photocell technology operates on the principle of infrared light transmission between two separate components, typically placed on opposite sides of the garage door opening. One component emits an infrared beam, while the other receives it. When an object, such as a person, vehicle, or even a pet, interrupts this beam, the signal between the emitter and receiver is disrupted, triggering an immediate response to halt the door’s operation and move it to the fully open position. 

The importance of twin PE beams, as opposed to a single beam, lies in their ability to create a comprehensive safety zone. A single beam system, while effective in many cases, may have blind spots where an object could pass through without interrupting the beam. Twin beams, on the other hand, establish two parallel lines of infrared transmission, effectively forming a curtain of protection across the door’s path. 

This curtain-like setup ensures that even smaller objects like children or pets, which might otherwise go unnoticed by a single beam system, are instantly detected. In the context of a garage door, having twin PE beams means that if anything, be it a person, bicycle, or a vehicle, breaks the continuous infrared signal on any level, the door’s operation is promptly halted. This immediate response prevents any potential collision, entrapment, or damage, thereby significantly minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. 

In the case of a garage door, the incorporation of twin PE beams, as observed in the Danmar Garage Door, underscores the commitment to safety. This technology not only offers peace of mind for homeowners but is especially crucial in households with children, as they are naturally curious and might inadvertently approach a closing garage door. Likewise, vehicles entering or exiting the garage are effectively shielded against any mishaps due to the swift response of the twin PE beams. 

In essence, the twin PE beams represent a proactive safety measure that aligns with modern standards of garage door design. By creating an impenetrable safety barrier, these beams contribute significantly to the overall security of the garage area, making it a safer space for everyone. When selecting a garage door, the inclusion of twin PE beams, such as those found in the Danmar Garage Door, reflects a commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of those who interact with the door, creating a safer and more secure environment for all.