Service, Repairs & Spare Parts

Service & Repairs

Your Gliderol Garage door is an investment that adds value, security and convenience to your home. However, just as a car or a bike’s moving parts need regular attention, so do those on your garage door. Depending on frequency of use, it is recommended you have your Gliderol Garage Door serviced every one to two years.

Regular servicing by a trained Gliderol technician will ensure trouble-free use for years to come. To book a garage door service, contact your local Gliderol office on 1300 521 658 or locate your local Gliderol dealer using our Dealer Locations tool.

If you need help with, for example, programming your remote, setting travel limits or changing button settings, please refer to the Remote Programming & Operator Programming section of this website. Here you will find downloadable ‘how to’ manuals for all Gliderol products.

Spare Parts

If you ever have a problem with your Gliderol garage door, it’s important that repairs are performed correctly using only genuine Gliderol parts. We can arrange for a Gliderol technician to visit your home, assess and repair the problem, or you can shop for a replacement part from this website.

We carry an extensive range of quality parts for all Gliderol Garage Doors, including:



Torsion axels


Weather seals

Locks Assemblies



For garage door repairs or spare parts, please contact your local Gliderol office on 1300 521 658.